Thursday, September 18, 2008

17th September

September is looking pretty good so far – fairly warm and sunny and it looks like it’s going to continue into this coming weekend, so that’ll be nice for the cricket. My time table at work has been sorted and again this year I’ve been lumbered with the late shift, so I do 2 lates per week Tuesday and Thursday. The reason I mention this is because after Christmas G&CCC will be going into the nets and I bet you it’ll be Tuesday night as that’s the night that’ll continue all year.

Looked at the wicket over at Valence Way tonight and it’s now growing out. You can still see it at the moment as the grass is still shorter than the outfield grass. I’ll need to mark it in some way so that it can be reinstated in the spring. At each end of the pitch and at the sides there are markers that will enable me to find the centre, but there is a chance some of these may get moved so I’ll have to think how I mark the pitch more permanently.

Ben was at Cubs tonight and Joe has decided he no longer wants to go to Beavers, so instead we gave the option – Beavers or stay in and do homework and it seems that he chose homework so it does seem that he really doesn’t like Beavers because he’s not a big fan of homework either! By the time I got in he’d done his homework so we went out for a bike ride and then we ended up on the Valence Way wicket for some practice. When he’s on his own in a one to one situation Joe does really well, he knew what a front foot drive was and said as soon as we got there “Do you want me to do front foot drives”? So it’s obvious that he does listen, but he will only put things into action on his terms it seems? So I threw some balls to him and he did really well and like Ben last Sunday it seemed to boost his confidence. He also bowled some slow stuff and produced balls that spun both ways and then it got too dark and we had to call it a day. It’s now dark by 8pm and it’s getting dismal in the evenings.

I held out from throwing googly’s and tried to bowl Leg Breaks – it went okay, not too bad, it feels like I just need to practice so much that I get used to my hand being in that position to bowl the leg break. I’ve had the call up to play at the weekend and I’m going to play again on Saturday, so I’m looking forward to that. I just hope that in addition to bowling I may get the chance to bat and advance my run rate a bit and perhaps do a lot better at the communication aspect when I’m out there. 11 is still my all time highest run rate and it’d be nice to beat that in the next game or so. It’ll also be interesting to see if my bowling will be as good as last week especially if the bats play with some intent.