Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Valence Way wicket

Woke up as predicted to pouring rain, took a detour past the wicket to have a look at it in the light and it looks good. I had the camera but what with the rain I didn't bother to do any pictures and the forecast for the weather is that later today it'll clear, so hopefully I'll get some shots this evening either on the way through going home or later.

Because the mower has no bucket to collect the grass all of the cuttings are on the surface so they either need to be brushed off using a broom or I could use the other mower and go over it with that and see if that picks up most of the cuttings. But the good thing is - it is a very close cut and I'm fairly certain that it can be adjusted to cut even shorter and the wicket looks fairly flat. Lets hope the weather eases up over the next 4-6 weeks and we get some use out of it? Both my boys are back at school today and what with being stuck in school all day they may be a little bit more up for playing cricket?