Thursday, September 04, 2008

Ransomes Ajax lawnmower look at the cut on that!

And here's the latest shots with the wicket cut at 5mm. I'm now tempted to go back and do it again at 2mm!
Ben, Joe and I went over to the Valence Way wicket and had a bit of a knock about. The green keeper had been over during the day and he's mowed the outfield a bit and I think you can see this in the image. They've put the goal posts up but haven't painted any white lines as yet. Last year very little football was played on the field and I'm hoping that it'll be a similar situation this year and that the wicket wont get that mangled. Actually as I'm now cutting it so short I've got more of an idea of how uneven the grass is and it's not that bad. It now seeems that the lumpiness was due to the nature of the grass and the way it grows in clumps when left. The more you cut it the more even it becomes and the growth is obviously a lot more regular. Cutting this short has also meant that the weeds have been obliterated and it just goes from strength to strength. I also noticed that I was right in my assumption that a low cut like this also highlights any surface uneveness because the mower scrape of the grass to leave exposed and scraped mud patches that I'm able to faltten out. So it's looking very good. It also plays better, Ben who you can see bowling here bowled a lot better as his balls maintained a straight line on pitching the ground and my own Gippers worked well as well - I pitched 2 right on the edge of the wicket that then went round the back of Joes legs and hit his stumps! I wish I could do that in real cricket situations!