Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Wickets and Mowers continued..........

So here they are images of the wicket and the practice track in the corner of the field. These were taken this evening prior to any further mowing. But there's definitely more mowing to be had....
I cut the lawn in the backyard this evening which is tiny - probably as big as your living room maybe even smaller? I then thought I'd give it a going over with the mower with the blades as short as I'd set them last night. But I had another look at how low they were and decided that there was no way that a rough old field would be flat enough for a 2mm cut so I raised the blade to 5mm and gave it a go. Strewth 5mm is short! So short that it cuts all the grass off and leaves only mud and was a bit radical for our backyard. Having said that though it'll be interesting to see how the grass grows back? Anecdotally I've always been told that the more you cut the grass and the shorter you cut it the thicker it grows, as the roots produce more shoots to get more blades of grass up there to take in the sun and sustain the grass.
I'm now just waiting for the last of the boxers to depart from the gym/changing rooms at the field and as soon as they've gone I'll be over there in the dark giving the wicket a 5mm cut!
So....... an hour later with a 5mm cut set I re-cut the wicket in the middle of the field and from what I could see in the very dim light was that it was very commendable. The amount of additional grass that was being sprayed out of the front of the mower was substantail, so it's obviously cut a lot more off. It'll be interesting tomorrow morning to walk across the field and see how short and good it looks! If it's not raining I'll take the camera and shoot some pic's as I go past.
The local boys are up for game tomorrow night so when they stick the stumps in I'll shoot some pictures and it'll give a better sense of perspective (if it doesn't rain).