Saturday, September 06, 2008

Ransomes Ajax lawn mower Part IV

Gutted! Was looking forward to using my Ransomes Ajax lawn mower today and was pleased to wake up to a sunny day with no rain and a blustery wind. The rest of the country it seems is under 3' of water. Later I went over to see what the situation was at the field e.g. was there anyone over there using it and sure enough their they were - Football Players. Gutted! I had a look and it did seem that they were up either end of the field in the goal areas rather than in the middle of the pitch, so it looked okay. They were over there till gone one so were there for about 4 hours. Once they had gone I had a look with the intention that I could go and cut the wicket again and maintain it later. At this point it was still dry and sunny.

When I had a look the wicket was a mess - stud marks all over it. Looking at the state of it, it looks like I'd better leave it now to grow a bit and recover and perhaps call it a day with mowing it so short for cricket because it's obvious that if I keep cutting it and they do play football on it, the damage may be so bad that it'll be difficult to repair next summer?

The thing is this morning I adpated the mower so that I could use the grass box from my qualcast panther and was looking forward to testing it out. It's a bit of a bodge (See images) but it should work, but then just as I was going to go and test it and mow the wicket it rained, so that was that plan ruined. Later the rain stopped and it dried out again in the meantime I'd been over there and done some repairs and planted some grass seed where the foxes had dug up the stump holes. While I was doing that again I looked at the wicket and decided that I reckon it should be left for at least a week before I cut it again. But I might be tempted to mow the practice wicket just see how good the grass collecting bucket works.