Friday, September 05, 2008

Ransomes Ajax lawnmower continued

Ransomes Ajax lawnmower continued.....

I'm so impressed with this mower and the fact that the grass is now so short I can see how good or bad the wicket actually is and it isn't too bad, that I'm now going to neglect the old practice wicket that's in the corner of the field and has been for 3 summers now and work exclusively on maintaining and improving the wicket in the middle of the field.

Just recently with the change in my bowling action - the inclusion of the step over/follow through the speed at which I bowl has increased and the balls have been disappearing into the corner of the field in amongst the bushes and getting lost. So if I develop the wicket in the middle of the field I can do as I used to at Great Berry Open Space e.g. throw 35 balls up one end and the throw em all back again ad infinitum and never lose them.

So what I'll be doing is extending the length of the wicket along with the width so that it's full size. I'll fill the stump holes that have been dug up by the bloody foxes, I'll look to see if I can score some weed killer from somewhere cheap and fill any dips and holes in the wicket. I may even look at cutting a second wicket beside the current one so that one can be used while the other one can be rested and repaired?

What with the current rain and the fact that the ground is become wet and sodden I'm also inclined to try and get the roller from my mates house tomorrow with a view to rolling the wicket at least once before the winter sets in proper. I'm also thinking again about how I can make a bigger roller out of concrete and keep in on the field.