Wednesday, June 03, 2009

3rd June

Since Sunday I've hardly bowled a ball let alone bowled one in anger. On Monday during Ben and Joe's training session I bowled one or two but became imediatley aware of the fact that there was a twinge and stopped. Tuesday I worked late and today the In-laws came round and I didn't get out at all and was happy with that. After they'd gone though having been reading some of the 'Clarrie Grimmett the Bradman of Spin' I was gagging to just look at how much I spin it as in the book Mallett talks about Grimmett being able to spin the ball so fast that the spinning makes a noise as it flies through the air! So this evening I was throwing the ball up in the air and seeing if I could give it a really good flick still. I did that for a couple of minutes and the arm seems okay.

Matt rang tonight and I've got an away match on Sunday. The weather forecast for Sunday looks as though it may be coudy with some possibilty of rain.