Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Proud Dad

Here's my son's on their teams website at last. Cheers to the bloke Neil that got the pic's uploaded.

Other than that I had one of my new style practice sessions. Instead of going out there with 36 balls and bowling back and forth for the equivalent of about 30 - 40 overs I just go over and bowl 24 balls and keep my hand in and try not to strain the arm. Did that and it went well with everything coming together after about the 5th ball. Nice leg breaks with some good bounce, accurate flippers and top-spinners that drop short and a couple of nice turning Wrong Uns. When I got back I also got my Bradman bat out and was practicing using a tennis ball and a golf ball up against a wall a la' Don Bradman and I manage to get the 1" wide stick on to the ball and away using drives or defensive blocks 90% of the time. I reckon doing this must have had some beneficial affect on my batting and this is born out by the fact that on Sunday when I was there with Neil at the end of the game I was so much more psychologically positive about the prospects of staying there and getting the 20 runs that I'm seeking. Surely if I can hit a golf ball bouncing irregularly with a 1" wide bat I'll have far more success with a bat this is massively wide with a big fat chunky ball that's basically travelling in a straight line?

I've also been flicking the Flipper the wrong way as I walk around so my wrist is in the the Top-Spinner action position and I threw a few of these and they went okay. Nowhere near being usable but a lot more accurate than previous experiments line and length wise.

I've also been bowling sliders because my muscle memory has now been totally reconfigured and I now naturally bowl leg breaks with my wrist in the right position. So it's not that much more of a wrist angle adjustment to have the ball come out of the back of the hand.

If had the call to say I'm playing Sunday and Ben and Joe are also playing Sunday too. So a good cricket Sunday coming up.