Friday, June 05, 2009


It's raining and the forecast is that it's going to gradually get worse over the weekend. Last night knowing that it would be the last of the fine weather days Ben, Joe and I went over The Rec and 'The Wookie Boys' were there (Some kids we'd played a game with a couple of weeks back) and we had a knock about with them. The only thing is I couldn't resist having a bowl and sure enough I had a twinge in the elbow.

Once home I had a look on the internet and found some medical forums relating to Medial Epicondylitis and it looks as though this condition if I don't look after it and rest it could turn into a chronic condition, so I'm kind of pleased that it's raining as that means I can rest it another week. It seems that the damage that my elbow has already sustained is as I write probably doing a fairly good job or repairing itself and if I was to rest it in time the repair would be good. All I'd need to do then is some physio and some strengthening and in the longer term it would be fine. Whereas if I keep on bowling the damage will occur to the tissue that is repairing itself which is vulnerable and thus the condition becomes a chronic condition that would take months and months and I might be out of action for the best part of a year. In some instances you end up with a permanently knackered elbow.

All of which is devastating considering I've spent 9 months trying to learn the Leg Break and now I can bowl it the result is this!

According to the articles I've read I need to rest it and desist from bowling until the injury repairs itself. The repairs take anything up to 2 months so that's early August. Then physio needs to take place and the muscle tone and strength restored.,M1

But really I should go and see a doctor and get it properly diagnosed.

Interestingly the article above notes that the use of pain killers isn't particularly effective .... 'Medication may not concentrate sufficiently in this relatively avascular tendon site' which I assume means none meaty area of your body?

Having read this article it does sounds as though I should stop bowling and even stop spinning the ball as I do continuously. Gutted. But if I do this now maybe I'll bowl in a couple of games in September?