Thursday, June 25, 2009

Grays V Woodford Green

The teams been announced and it's an away match at Woodford Green. There's a link here - with an image of their pitch and it looks promising if it's that lacking in grass when we get to play on it. Looks like a small boundary though? The team as it stands looks as though it excludes Neil which is worrying as I don't know who the captain will end up being and they may not be aware of my current form at the moment?

The team consists of -

Buckers (C)
Connor Scott
Ifty Ali
Reece Downes
Jay Shojahi *
C. Richardson *
W. Engwell *

Those marked * are blokes that I've not played alongside before and looking at the list I'd imagine it'll be Fozzy as the captain which might mean I'll get to bowl? Looking at it the only spinners other than me are Jay and Wayne and they're off-spinners of the Finger variety, but there's at least 3 fasts - Reece, Connor Scott and Ifty. So there may be the chance of 6 over spell if I'm lucky?

The weather looks promising and in the morning Ben's got a game at Rayleigh. Joe's been dropped which I think is a fatal mistake as he's one of the only kids apart from Ben that attacks the stumps and understands the necessity to flight the ball and vary the speed. He's going along anyway as the 12th man in the event that one of the other kids doesn't show and hopefully they'll play him up the bowling order as he takes wickets and is stingy as well. Hopefully Ben will find his rhythm quickly and cause problems with his bowling. We had a practice tonight and he was bowling okay after a few initial no balls because of his full tosses at head height.