Thursday, June 18, 2009

3rd XI this Sunday

Hopefully I've got a game on Sunday? The website indicates they want me but an oppo hasn't been confirmed yet which is a worry. Again a very different team with some people I haven't played before -

The weather is shaping up and a bit more practice and maybe I'll be bowling a ball that possibly hasn't been seen since 1940! 'The Flicker'

Looks like there's been a bit of a shuffle around with the teams again and I'm now at home with many of the blokes I played with last week -

A Stephenson ?
Tom Hills
C Daly?

So a team with 3 wrist spinners 2 x R/H and Neil throwing his Chinaman stuff. We're playing Old Gravesendians, who we play against regularly. I'm not sure how we do against them usually. Just had a look at their website and that doesn't really throw any light on the matter.

Had another muck around with this new ball 'The Flicker" seems okay I reckon I need a bit more work on it before I use it, but I reckon it could well be in use in the near future. I'll try and throw it down to some of the players on Sunday before the game and see how accurate I can get it, but tonight I was trying to land it on a sweet bag in the road and getting pretty near it, but the good thing is the turn and bounce I'm getting with it. So Lee if you're keeping for me this weekend we'll have to come up with a series of hand signals so that you know which way it might turn. You'll have to do what Neil does as well - every ball that comes down you've gotta make it seem like we almost got them every time.

I'll have to shout in the umpires face for LBW shouts and I might start asking the bat how he wants the ball or maybe talk to the bat when he's at my end and tell him what I'm doing - maybe ask him for advice "What shall I bowl your mate - do you reckon I should go right or left, or put some Top Spin on it or slow it down"? That kind of stuff - giving the impression that he's going to have to face a whole variety of options once he gets up there.