Saturday, June 27, 2009

Leg Breaks

I was hoping to bowl the exceptionally rare and unknown 'Flicker' ball tomorrow in the game, but on Wednesday I woke up with all the joints in my thumb sore, so have rested it for the last 4 days. The thumb feels a lot better at the minute and if I get a chance I may try it out before the game tomorrow and if I can get the line and length right down the off-side with it I may still give it a go? Other than that I was testing out the leg breaks this afternoon using the cocked wrist approach and these were turning big in between going straight. There's a very subtle difference between the straight ones and the ones that turn and it's in the grip. The much looser grip with the ball being spun off the 3rd finger gives the big turner. More speed in the delivery produces the straight ball, so it sounds usable.

Weather's going to be hot and humid 29 degrees centigrade and it's rained this evening and the wicket will be damp and I think that helps me out as well.