Sunday, August 22, 2010

The boys did well

Sunday mornings up at the crack of dawn to get your kids to a cricket match never seems like a good idea. I do like having a lay in and Saturday it didn't happen and so I wasn't that enamoured with the idea this morning especially when I knew I'd be met with 'Oh Dad have we really got to go to cricket'? It seems they take after me in this respect as I've never been one to be easily motivated even when it's things I like doing. So we ended up getting there just about on time.

The teams were made up of the U11's and the U'13's First off my older son was given the task of being the captain of his team and Joe the younger son was picked and they were on the same side together. Ben's team fielded and Ben made the bowling selections putting himself in about 5th or 6th change, whereas quite often if the others get the role of captain they'll have him in at 2nd or 3rd bowler. The match trundled along and everyone was doing okay and it looked like a fairly equal two sides. Ben bowled his over against one of the better batsmen in the U13's and limited him to just 1 run off of his two allotted overs, from where I was watching other than 2 wides his bowling was pretty good causing the other kid problems and one of the coaches commended Ben on his bowling. So straight away having bowled so well he was quite pleased with himself.

Joe bowled okay taking a wicket, bowling primarily (But not intentionally he later admitted) down the off-side and then putting one down the legside to a batsman that was weak that side that batted the ball out to one of the older boys at a position backward of Square Leg.

Batting; Joe batted okay surviving a few overs and Ben did the same but on the way hit at least 2 fours, a two and a single, he may have hit 3 fours, one edged to the 3rd man area and one that I saw that went back past the bowler in between mid on, so he came off well chuffed that he'd bowled really well to one of the better bats and had even scored a minimum of 11 runs which is my all time total ever in a match, so he's got that target in his sites and he'll no doubt rub my nose in it when he passes it!