Sunday, August 01, 2010

Played today

Had a match today and got to bowl 3 overs. Of all the matches we've played this year it was probably the one where both teams were fairly evenly matched. We were put into bat first and scored 203. Fortunately we had Dave Sharp one of the coaches and Rez the new bloke and they between them along with some of the younger lads got us up to around 175. Batting 5 upwards got us an additional 28 or so runs. This is all set against the fact that we only had 10 blokes and we only played 39 overs as the scorer lost count. I managed 2 runs and survived 3 or more overs.

We then fielded and they reached our score in about 32 overs with 4 wickets in hand. I reckon that if we'd had the 11th man we may have had a chance. I also reckon I was integral in losing us the match because at the 20th over we had them around about 100 runs and I conceded a fair few runs off my overs. There were other factors to consider, but it's a Sunday Friendly, so s**t happens and it's not a problem, although the opposition when they were fielding were a bit confrontational. All in all it was an enjoyable match I reckon let down by the fact that we were a man short.