Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Clarrie Grimmett Books

So having finally got hold of Tricking the Batsman, here's the other two in the collection of Grimmetts books that are the fore-runners of all other books and articles on Wrist Spin bowling and coaching. Anything that has been written or said about Wrist Spinning since 1934 simply re-writes what Grimmett said back in the 1930's. The Flipper for instance is described in 4 different variations in 'Getting Wickets' a Top-Spinner, Off-Spinner, Leg-Spinner and the one that Grimmett virtually dismisses and yet everyone else bangs on about - The Back-Spinning Flipper, hi-jacked and virtually claimed as his own by Benaud in the 1950's almost 20 years after Grimmett had invented it.

I've yet to read two of them, but once I have I'll try and write a review.