Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Clarrie Grimmett on No Balls

If I had anything to do with the rules, I would say that a bowler bowling a no-ball should be penalised six runs, not only one for each time that he offends.

It is the most deadly sin in bowling.

Good habits are as difficult to get rid of as bad habits. So why not cultivate the good habits first? Make your run up to the wicket one of them. Avoid no-balling. It is a simple matter. If you transgress you are penalising your own side. No good cricketer would wish to do that.

Really it is the worst fault a bowler can commit. It gives away runs and nullifies the chance of taking a wicket. It gives the batsman a heap of confidence.

Clarrie Grimmett

Tricking the Batsman 1934