Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Paddock News

Having not bowled in the paddock for more than 2 weeks now and while we were away it seems that it's rained here in Essex several times, the strip looks like it's beginning to recover. The grass is beginning to grow in places and the because of the rain the natural process of levelling had had some effect in places where I'd filled in holes with earth. The weeds - Plantain are very evident and have all started to grow again, so I've been pulling them up. Weirdly it doesn't appear that anyone has been playing football in there?

It's rained again over so there's a small chance I may get the roller out, but part of me thinks that I should leave it for a while and see how the grass gets on with it's recovery. I also need to source some cheap grass seed and I have seen some in B&Q's, so I might start seeding soon as I think I did it too late last year.

While I was away I read more of Bob Woolmers book and he's written a section in there on wickets and how they're constructed and it seems that my approach of mixing clay and compost is the correct method. I was surprised to read that the ratio is 50/50 which is almost what I’ve been doing. Previously I’d probably been mixing 70% clay and 30% compost and the 50/50 ratio is better for me anyway as I’ve got compost coming out of my ears as I recycle all our food waste and garden waste.