Saturday, August 28, 2010

Paddock Repairs & Maintainence

After all the recent rain and the paddock looking a bit healthier we decided that we'd do some maintainence today. So we brought out the newly acquired petrol mower, along with the Ransomes Ajax and gave it a bit of a cut, roll and repair.

The blades are set high on both mowers at this time of year so as to not cut it too short. The petrol mower did most of the hard work and got rid of 80% of the grass and then we tided it up using the Ransomes Ajax. With so little attention paid to the wicket since June when the dry weather set in and it cracked and turned to powder almost, the surface was fairly uneven and this was noticeable when using the petrol mower.

As yet I've not been able to identify the petrol mower and I'm not that impressed with it yet, but I reckon with some adjustment and with the wicket a little less lumpy it may be okay.

The kids were recruited to help which they did willingly with the prospects of mucking about with a petrol mower. The roller was also deployed and once I'd filled some holes and did some repairs and levelling we gave it a light rolling. Just as we were finishing up it rained which was good as it'll help all the repaired holes to bed in. The main thing I'm short of that I need to get especially at this point in the year is seed. If the weather continues as it is at the minute, we'll get new growth established really quickly and it'll possibly get some good root growth going before the winter sets in and halts the growth of the grass.

Here I am doing the repairs using a 50/50 mix of clay and organic material (Household compost). I'll try and get a shot of the paddock tomorrow and maybe purchase some grass seed and get it down as there's more rain on the way. At the minute in the North Atlantic there are 3 low pressure weather systems including 2 low catergory Hurricanes which will all filter through to our weather system over the next 4-8 days.