Tuesday, August 24, 2010

No sign of the hottest day ever

As we approach the end of the summer, it looks increasingly unlikely that we'll get to see a day when the weather here in the UK exceeds the current record of 38.5 back in 1983 in Faversham and Gravesend. There was a prediction http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/blog/2010/mar/22/sizzling-summer-uk-weather-forecast that we'd see a day when 40 degrees was reached, but it hasn't happened and with the current Westerlies and North Westerlies coming off the Atlantic there's no sign of an Azores high which is usually required to drag warmer weather off of central Europe.

In recent weeks after the long spell of hot and dry weather that saw the Paddock dry up, crack and eventually crumble the recent spells of heavy and prolonged rain have rejuvenated the grass in the paddock and without any seeding there's some grass cover establishing itself slowly. We've not used it for weeks and weirdly neither have the kids that usually play football in their and cause all the damage, yet the weather has been far more conducive to playing football than cricket?

It's obvious that without there being a 2nd or 3rd strip adjacent to any wicket the damage sustained by even light use is such that, by June, if the weather is dry the paddock will always crack up and crumble and be unusable as a batting surface. So if the weather is okay it looks like we may be able to get a couple of months out of it with light use, which I suppose is okay?

I'll have to look around now and see if I can get some seed cheap somewhere and get it down early in Sept. Considering how bad the paddock strip was last September and how it came good through May and early June, the prospects for next year look really good. I've also had someone give me a petrol mower for my birthday, but I've yet to have a good look at it and see if it cuts as low as my Ransomes Ajax mower which is nothing short of amazing. So hopefully in September we'll give the Petrol mower a run out and see how it cuts and whether we can lower the blades to the same kind of minimal heights as the Ransomes Ajax.