Monday, April 23, 2012

#6 Joes Leg Break - progress

Today was one of the scheduled visits to the local clinic to have the wounds dressed. It looks like there's to be a regular pattern to the visits now and they tie into my work pattern fairly neatly and only cause a little disruption, whereas Michelle has had to stay at home to look after Joe and it's completely screwed up her work pattern and she's now getting stressed out about the money situation.

But, the visit today was a good one - the gaping great wound where the leg split open looked a lot better than when we last saw it and it was photographed on Friday. The consultant said that he expected that it would start to in-fill itself over the coming weeks and that is what looks to be happening and as far as I was concerned the wound looked to be progressing well and not looking as deep and open as it did last Friday. The wounds where the Tibia came through the skin at the shin are looking very clean and healthy and look to be healing fast. The process of cleaning was far less traumatic with far less wailing and screaming, in fact there was hardly any wailing this time and more griting his teeth and moaning about it. Much of it though is psychological - he's expecting it to be excrutiatingly painful and reacts to just being touched, but then settles down a bit as they get under-way and start cleaning it.

We're getting the hang of getting him in and out of the car, but with this massive cast it still is a two person job and it looks as though this process needing both of us will have to continue for the coming two weeks. Next visit is Wednesday, I'll update again then.