Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Paddock news

We're in the midst of what may turn out to be a pretty bad drought on par with the 1976 one as previously mentioned, back then life was a lot more basic and there was still the hangover from the post war austerity and I know that many people would have only taken baths once or twice a week and showers were a luxury that 'Posh people' had. So when it came to the point where the water was turned off for long periods of time most people coped with it, but I've got a feeling that this drought is going to shake people a bit, when they get to realise that the only water that they can access over a period of 24-48 hours is what they can carry in a bucket, having collected it 200 yards down the road from a stand-pipe!

But today and yesterday we've had some showers and this means the paddock is looking a bit better and it's prompted me to go out and by some grass seed and if the weather continues as predicted (Weekend and beyond) it may be the case that I'll be able to establish some grass at the batting end and do some repairs on other areas that are a bit sparse?

A couple of days ago I even negotiated with Ben to have a bowl and I faced him with the bat, he's a bit rusty, but he's got plenty of training coming up both at school and at the club, for the moment he doesn't want to give up, but XBOX is gradually consuming his life and he is becoming a stereotypical teenager, watch this space...