Saturday, April 28, 2012

A week of rain

Still the rain continues, all the matches that were arrange at our club have been understandably called off. The paddock is a swamp which isn't good, there's an area on the paddocks wicket that is around half way but erring towards the batsmans end that gets water-logged in the winter. This spell of rain has been like winter rain and so that section is very swampy and will take a fair bit of dry weather to suffer kids playing football on it. I just know that as soon as the weather cheers up a bit the kids will be in there playing football and the wicket will get wrecked in that zone.

Other than that the rain will be good for the grass seed and I suspect that'll come through some time towards the end of next week. Additionally I should be hearing from the council Monday as to whether the money was allocated to fix the fencing around the paddock.

Over the weekend it has almost rained non-stop, not heavy rain particulalrly, just persistent and continual with very little in the way of breaks. As a result our ground 'Mopsies Park' is in a right sorry looking state. As far as I know the drainage at Mopsies isn't known for it efficiency and this is going to take some time to drain away. There's certainly not going to be any training on Tuesday night especially as after a little respite tomorrow, the rain is scheduled to be heavy again on Tuesday. This is pretty unusual by all accounts and I'm under the impression that the ground doesn't normally get this bad in the winter! The images by the way are by Neil Williams and not mine. Nice shots Neil!