Sunday, April 22, 2012

Practice in the Paddock

I've not had a lot of practice over the last couple of weeks because of the situation with Joe. I got out for a couple of half hour stints last week in the evening during the earlier part of the week before the showers started and that went really well during the second session. I think initially I was over-doing things, trying to do too much at once and as a result I wasn't getting anywhere. I then went back to running in using a steady pace as I run in - a technique I call my Stuart Macgill approach and then about 3 or 4 steps from the 'Explosion' through the crease I close my eyes and bowl, looking to bowl instinctively by feeling the action rather than trying to do 2 or 3 different things conciously. This worked okay and I did it a few times and then I just tried it with my eyes open - not trying to do anything specific just bowl smoothly and it worked, I bowled a lot of good balls on and around the off-stump on a difficult length.

That was Wednesday night and since I haven't done anything and I've pulled a series of muscles in my shoulders and neck lifting Joes leg around for him. So the only stuff I've been doing is the usual flicking of the ball from hand to hand and up against a wall outside the house.

This the batting end with a little prep done and having had some rain on it.

This is the same area having been raked and the seed sown and some top-soil added. Later in the day I rolled the wicket and we've got to do now is hope the rain continues sporadically with some intermittent sunshine and warmth.
Over the weekend with the prospect of April showers I bought some grass seed and I've sown that and rolled the wicket having covered the seed with topsoil and it looks pretty promising with regards getting a foothold and getting underway. This showery weather doesn't seem to be predicted to fade away in the near future as there's another big wet weather pattern moving in off the Atlantic Ocean and what with us not using the paddock other than for bowling practice the grass may get a good chance to establish itself.

Joe pays a visit to inspect the work along with his cousin and Granddad.
I've noticed that there's quite a bit of plantain growing and I'll have to treat that when the weather turns fine. I've learned though that this process has to be done on individual plants and has to target the plant in a very precise way. Even if you use a spray - the residue spray that ends up on the grass kills a relatively large section of grass and soon leaves a big circular grassless patch. The stuff I use "Round-up" needs to be virtually brushed onto the leaves of the weeds it's that noxious!

Other news with regards to the paddock is that sometime in the next couple of weeks there should be a decision made as to whether they are going to fix the fence that was removed last bank holiday, you can see in the top left hand corner of the image above that the posts are still there but no fencing, this is what I've asked to be replaced and it seems as though there is a chance that the whole paddock maybe re-fenced using heavy duty 'Rebound fencing' which would be a right result.