Saturday, April 28, 2012

#7 Leg Break Joe's progress

Another visit to the clinic Friday afternoon which again fitted in well with my work schedule and meant that I didn't miss out on any teaching and in fact I did a bit of cover teaching for someone else before coming home. Again the same procedure, remove the cover and remove the old dressings. Normally this has been pretty traumatic, but with the prospect of it getting less painful each time, this time it was a lot less painful with no wailing or tears. You can see from the pictures below that the wounds are looking better than last Friday
There's no news on the bones and how they're fixing and we wont have any info on that till Friday 11th May. The image above shows the two areas where there are open wounds still and the stuff on and in the wounds is the seaweed based 'Stuffing' that they use to absorb all of the fluids from the wounds. The nurse was saying that the wounds are best not scabbing up and kept in a state of being moist, which I suppose if you think about it makes sense as that means the fluids are alive and active whereas a scab seems like the latter stages of the repair process?
So this is the two open wounds as they are at the moment and you can see in comparison with last Fridays images that both wounds are healing gradually. The wound to the right (upper) you can see has started to scab up and the nurse removed the scabbing which came out easily with little discomfort along with the seaweed/wooly stuff.
This is 'The Hole' and you can see despite the fact that it looks pretty gruesome it is filling in if you compare it with the shot from the previous set of images. To be honest from the laymans point of view the yellowy orange around the wound looks dodgy, but the nurse would have said something about it if it had been of any concern.

For the next two weeks it's the same format as this week - visits to the clinic to have the dressings removed and replaced and the progress monitored... Monday and Wednesday mornings and Friday afternoon. We've had Joe's school ring on Friday and Michelle has enquired about whether there is any chance that he could go into school if only for a few hours each day. The school is going to get back to us on Monday with an answer, so fingers crossed there may be something they can do for Joe.
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