Friday, April 06, 2012

Younger son Joe mown down by car

Terrible day today, younger son Joe (10) rode out into a main road following one of his mates on one of those stunt scooters and was mown down by a car. Been at the hospital all day. I got to the scene which is down the road from us within minutes before the police and ambulances. His lower right leg was smashed in half with the big bone sticking out through a big gaping wound. His leg at the point between his knee and ankle was at 45 degrees, below that - apparently caused by his ankle and leg bending so much was another great big tear across the leg on the front right hand side. They operated on it and there's a couple of pins holding it together and he's in a cast. The big tear has been stapled, but they've said in the short term because of the swelling they couldn't close that up properly. The prognosis they say is very good, the bone coming through the leg and ripping it open has done very little damage to the tissue, the tear, they're going to look at again on Monday when the scan him again, and they'll look to close that up further. Their scanning him again because they saying that the amount stretching that the muscle along the front of the leg has had because the leg was bent so much in the impact might mean that there may be ligament damage where it connects to the knee. They're saying it's the kind of damage normally seen in motorcycle accidents. It was horrific, I saw it all as the medics cut his clothes away from his leg. He's sustained far less damage to the other leg which appears to be bruised badly and he had a knock on the head where he landed, but that's all cleared and he's safe. He didn't cry and the first lady on the scene said that he was conscious and told her his name, phone number and address - bless him.

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