Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Had a bowl this evening...

Today should have been the first outside practice for Ben and Joe this evening at the clubs ground. Obviously Joe wouldn't be going, but I was really looking forward to going with Ben, but then this morning just after a bit of a down-pour Michelle sent me an email saying that she'd heard that the club was notifying everyone that due to the water-logged outfield at Mopsies park training was off. Gutted.

So instead after dinner or tea as I call it we went over the Rec with 'Harry Bat' and had a bit of a knock about with the readers windballs and it went quite well. Bowled with my faster approach to the wicket and just bowled naturally only really looking to do a few things (1) Land with the my foot sideways out of the bound (2) Get up on the toes in the pivot and (3) Bring the arm through past the hips in the follow through and it all worked really well with accurate bowling for the most part with loads of turn off the surface with the spin.