Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bens training

Good session tonight over at Mopsies led by G-Man, I helped out a bit. There were a lot of new lads there tonight and the rest of the team ensured that they all got a chance to bowl and bat which was good to see. I was impressed with Ben's batting, he batted against Frank and scored 9 off him - two 4's and a single before being retired. He took the skip down the wicket and smash it approach, so it looks like on one hand facing my bowling all the time may give some advantage when it comes to Leggies?

As we left, Dave Ayres approached us and said that Ben had been selected for the game on Sunday. It'll be interesting to see where he bats, I've got feeling he may get to bat at No.3 with Mitchell or perhaps higher as some of the boys from Billericay school are away this weekend on some school event, so this means another depleted side.