Friday, May 18, 2012

Week 6 Joes Progress

So here we are 6 weeks after the accident and this is how things are looking. We're still taking Joe to the clinic every two days (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) which is difficult because of the time off work aspect needed to do it.
Joe's still a bit distressed at the prospect of looking at the wounds.
The new 'Storm Trooper Boot' is a lot better and Joe's now okay about his leg coming out of it and having the wound treated, you get the sense that he knows that the join between the bones albeit only 6 weeks since the accident is fairly secure and today he's been at school using crutches and moving around a lot - from class, to the school and back again which is quite some distance, but he was exhausted by the time he got in at 1pn today. He's scheduled to do a couple of full days next week - Monday and Wednesday.
The impact wound.

So here's a second look at the impact wound (Above). Last Monday the jelly that breaks down the scabbing was applied to it and it has started to work on it. The nurse was able to peel away the edges, but the centre of the scab is still attached to the tissue underneath and this was causing a great deal of pain as the nurse tried to remove it. So she's left it as it is here and has applied more of the Jelly to break it down.

The Exit wound where the Tibia came through the skin
and scarring where the surgeons opened the would to conduct
the operation.

This is the exit wound (Above) where the Tibia came through the skin, it was the lower half of Tibia attached to the foot that came through the skin and struck the ground and got dirt on it. During the operation that part of the bone that had become infected with dirt was removed and filed away. The scar (With stitch marks) is where the skin was opened up in order that they were able to get inside of the leg and clean it up and manouvre the bone back into alignment helped with the two titanium rods that were forced through the length of the lower leg via to access wounds just below the knee
This is 'Split wound'

The split wound (Above) which was the worst looking and the deepest, at one point at least 15mm is coming along very nicely, this is the one that we had the infection scare with last week. I didn't get to see this mid-week as Michelle went with her Dad and I was at work, so I've not seen this since last Monday and this has improved a great deal.
Here's the wounds in situ apart from the 'Impact Wound' which is on the other side of the leg.

The overall look of the leg is good, much of the bruising and swelling has gone down and this morning Joe finished the second course of anti-biotics - Flucloxacillin and Methicillin as far as we can recall which were foul tasting and Joe was happy to see the back of those. They were difficult to use as they had to be administered an hour before eating so in the morning for instance Joe had to be woken up early in order to have the medicine.

The next significant event is June 1st when we're back to the Fracture clinic.