Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Joe falters

Back to the Hospital this afternoon and evening with Joe with a bit of a scare. The previous dressing change revealed a sudden swelling of the his leg, so was definitely interested in what his regular nurse would make of it. She didn't even dress it - had us straight up the hospital to have it looked at by the heavy-weights. She seemed to think that the wounds were starting to show signs of going ...sceptic - blood poisoning scenarios with the potential for the whole thing going very wrong. I'd thought that on Monday so was glad that this nurse reacted the way that she did. The wounds have been cleaned very thoroughly, painful for Joe as you can imagine and swabs taken from the wound to check for infection. The consultant was quite happy with the situation as it stands and Joe's back on a course of anti-biotics to ward off the chance of an infection. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's an infection in the surface wounds and not the internal wounds or some form of infection in the bone, which has been discussed as the bone made contact with the road during the accident. The potential for things getting a lot worse are there, but seemingly minimal at this stage, but it is very worrying.