Saturday, May 12, 2012

Storm Trooper Boot + 1 Day (He Plays Cricket)

Just in case you arrive here looking for cricket related stuff, Joe plays cricket as well as my other son Ben (13) and myself.

So right from the outset as soon as Joe woke up he was into new experiences, he woke up laying on his side properly with his leg sideways too - first time that's happened in 36 days. Then as soon as he was up and out of bed he had the confidence to walk from his bed to the kitchen with no assistance required from us, he uses a zimmer frame at the moment, but as soon as he shows signs of real confidence we'll get him using his crutches.

Throughout the day, the walking around with no assistance increased and so did the distances. The longest being from the front of our house (Kitchen) to the back of the house and into the garden where Joe sat in the sun with me playing Chess.

The 'Storm Trooper Boot' in the longer run will mean that once he's confident that his leg wont re-snap at the slightest knock, he'll be able to remove and sleep without it on, but at the minute he's still really wary about how stable his leg is and probably worried about the gashes in his leg. Despite this he's been willing to take the top off the boot today and give his leg an airing, so that's a start.

This evening he had the leg in the air above his heart which helps to reduce any swelling I think and is more conducive with the healing happening at an faster rate. It seemed that this worked so well, that with the reduction in the swelling it became apparent that there is a lump that feels like the end of one of the titanium rods sticking out of the front of his tibia just below the knee. Not sure if that's a good thing or not, but it could mean it's there so that the rod can be removed at some point? We'll have to see what happens in the longer term. Our next hospital visit is the first Friday in June which I think is the first? Till then it's the same schedule as before - Monday, Wednesday and Friday visits to the clinic to have the wounds dressed.

Here's a good story from an Adult with a similar injury and some of the same concerns we're having and this has settled my mind a little.