Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cricket at last!

The club was determined that despite the forecast of more showers there would be cricket tonight at Mopsies Park 'The Home of Cricket" and sure enough just after 7pm on a damp and cold evening with the grass soaking from the earlier heavy showers, the Cricket Gods looked down and decided "There will be cricket"! And there was...

Ben getting padded up to bat first with Kieran, from our perspective as bowlers he did exceptionally well, hitting all of the balls through the off-side, some of them back past the bowler bewteen him and mid off and generall all along the ground! He even hit a four! He looked in good touch and it might do his confidence some good when he gets to bat in a proper game this Sunday.

Ben looking pretty professional driving the ball for 4 through the off-side!
Joe's doing well with his leg, despite the fact that his fibia is still broken and not joined he feels comfortable enough to have his leg out of the 'Storm Trooper Boot' for short periods to give it a bit of an airing. On the 16th he went into school on crutches for the first time without his wheelchair and that went well.

Last night I noticed that when he sleeps now (With the boot on) he crosses his other leg over the top of the bad leg, so that's also an indication of how confident he's feeling about it slowly getting back to normal-ish.

Bowling & The Paddock

I had a bowl last night, went okay, bowled a lot more balls - somewhere in the 90-120 region and my shoulder has come away from it feeling okay, obviously due to the increase in exercise that I've been doing in the last week or so - pull-ups, press-ups and planks. But, I must admit my legs feel a bit tight, so I need to get some Yoga and stretching things going,

Rolled the paddock last night and that's looking pretty good, need short showers and sunny weather to get the grass growing.