Sunday, May 06, 2012

The Weather & The Paddock

We're into May now and it's dismal - day after day it's just grey and wet, not always loads of rain just light persistant rain interspersed with a brief sunny spells. But all this combined with a wind pattern that is dragging cold air from the North Pole it's cold, damp and miserable, more akin to the weather you'd expect to have in March.

This is supposed to be a Bank Holiday where we're supposed to get away to the beach or somewhere, or at least get out and about in the fresh air and have a knock-about with a ball or something.
You can't really see from this image how boggy the wicket is over at the Paddock, but it's as it would be usually in February, except that the grass is growing, but if you tread in the boggy stuff you sink and it leaves a big indentation in the mud/grass. Unfortunately the kids off the estate are getting in there and playing football despite it being a mud bath, but I can't begrudge them that and it's good to see kids playing sports rather than sitting on their back-sides texting and playing computer games. To be honest I think they're avoiding this muddy area and I like to think that they're doing so because they know we mow it, look after it and use it for practicing? Dog owners on the other hand are another matter and most of the damage is done by dogs and they allow them to crap all over the grass in the paddock where kids play!
The seed that I put down which I was worried about suffering due to dry weather I reckon for the most part has probably gone mouldy because of the rain in the boggy area previously mentioned, but in the batting area as you can see from above the seeds germinated and has started to come through, so that's a positive.

In addition with regards the knackered fence, I've had a reply from a different person in the council and they're looking now at the possibility of the fence being replaced like for like which'll be a chain link fence. Whether they're thinking a brand new fence all round or just a patch up job I don't know, but with a bit of luck it'll be all round as it'll mean we lose a lot less balls than we do at the moment.