Wednesday, October 15, 2008

15th October

Came back across the field on the way home tonight to see how the top dressing was being absorbed into the grass/earth and it looks okay. The gate of the field was open today during the morning and no-one seemed to be there. Spread some seeds across the wicket area in a half hearted manner but really I need to top dress the rest of the wicket. What I may do is finish it off this weekend and seed it at the same time, although it's a bit late in the season and will then need the frost to stay away for about another 3 or 4 weeks, although it may be possible? If I can get as much as I can done this weekend I'll then leave it and just do repairs to it where the footballers cause any damage. Then in the early spring I may top dress it again and re-seed it at the same time and then roll it. Once the grass has established cut it in the correct manner as described in the previous blog entry. Then once it's growing nicely and pretty short I'll roll it a few times hopefully running up to the Easter holidays and then that'll be the point when we'll probably start using it again?

Went over to the basketball court where it looks as though I'll spend the winter practicing as it's ideal - floodlit, smooth and flat. (See link).,0.430841&spn=0.000352,0.001368&t=h&z=20

I spent just over half an hour bowling Leg Breaks and it does feel like it is getting easier and feeling more natural. The ball is pretty much straight with a slight deviation and at the moment I'm still not looking to try and put spin on it. I'm still sticking to the plan whereby I'm just happy to be bowling straight and accurately and it's not turning into a Googly, which is what is happening. I intersperse the session with flippers as well and they're coming along nicely too especially as last season I was reluctant to bowl them most of the season. I also noticed tonight that it looks as though because the whole of my bowling action seems to have improved I'm not bowling a lot faster possibly? If I compar where I was at this point last season I reckon there's quite a bit improvement and I reckon if I was to compare now with last July, Aug and Sept there's a marked improvement too!

A bloke on the internet last night said this ......

yeah, the follow through to me was important, it was the follow through that helped me acquire the googly, basically i noticed if i follow through'd with the arm straight down like an inswing bowler it would help the ball come out the back of the hand because of the imaginary straight line formed by the release and follow through. Same with the legbreak as it's more at 10 o clock by follow throuing with the arm going across my i cant possibly flick my wrist the other way, it has to go the same direction as my wrist. Why don't you try it out Dave, basically the follow through of my legbreak is like a outswing delivery, and googly is like a inswing delivery, also opening up my action a bit has also helped me bowl the googly.

So while I was bowling I took note of what was happening with my arm as it followed through and found that it did come across the body in a diagonal fashion while I'm trying to bowl Leg Breaks so that seems okay. I also looked at the position of my arm as I wholly agree with the idea that if you're bowling googly's they work better if the arm is dead straight. So I tried to bring the arm lower slightly with the leg break and may look at this in more detail later on as I look to get it to turn more. But in the short term all it did was make my line and length not so accurate - but it may have affected the spin for the better. So that's one for the future?

All in all a good session.