Friday, October 03, 2008

3rd October

It's got suddenly colder here in the UK. Last Friday was very warm, but tonight they're talking Frost on the weather reports. I've noticed coming across the field that I practice on and cut during the summer that the grass on the wicket is still shorter than the grass around it. I'm beginning to think that the last cut that I did with the new mower was a bit radical at that late in the year? Fortunately the field doesn't get played on that much so I hope that it grows a bit over the winter/spring and recovers fully?

I'm still on the lookout for somewhere to practice at night under floodlights on concrete using the Hockey balls. Hopefully I'll find somewhere tomorrow and get some practice in. I've noticed that already I'm beginning to feel unfit, the practice I had a couple of days ago felt as though my arm had already began to lose it's strength!