Saturday, October 04, 2008

Practice places for winter

Again was able to get on the field today for a practice. The bloke had mowed the grass and the outfield now resembles the wicket, you can still see both the wickets because the grass is lusher after my worries yesterday I was quite glad to see that. The practice was Leg Break focussed and didn't really move forward see

for more details. One of the things I've been intending to address quickly is where to practice this winter. I need somewhere I can practice at night and not get hassled by the Old Bill, security men or Chav's and the obvious solution did seem to be specified sports areas with floodlighting. I realised that the skatepark over at 5 tree field might be an option so I went over there tonight at 9pm and checked it out and it is perfect. Flat tarmac, a fence behind where I'd place the stumps and bright floodlights so bright you see the ball in the air. There is only one downside it's in town so it's a car drive away and that p*****s me off because of the cost factor and time getting there and back. But it is secluded and desolate. Coming back I thought I'd check out the basketball court/playground near where I live the one we call the chav park. Again it's floodlit but for some reason the floodlight wasn't on, but it's in a residential area so there's a few street lights nearby enabling it to be used despite the floodlights not being on. I did wonder whether the floodlights were movement activated so went in and threw some balls around and they didn't come on. The Chav Park has it's pro's and con's too. The positives are the stumps would be hung on a fence and therefore don't fall down ever and the balls all end up at the foot of the fence and it's a 4 minute walk from my house. The downside is that the surface slants away from you as you bowl and away to the left assisting the spin possibly?

But I have got options for night practice. I may also go and look at the artificial wicket at Gloucester Park as that's right next to a very well lit 5 aside football pitch and may be usable at night too? The good thing is I've got options.

I shot a wedding today as the informal photographer and the shots were done at a golf course and I was looking at the grass there on one of the holes. Man that grass is good and short - how do you do that? Off topic Barbara Windsor was at this wedding and she spoke to me - seems like a nice lady, pretty normal. I hate her character in East Enders but the real person (obviously I suppose) was quite nice.