Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Snow is South East England!!!

2 weeks ago I had my shirt off getting sunburnt almost and today we've got 3 degree centigrade and snow in the South East! Earlier today we had hailstones and I've actually put the heating on in the house which we normally try and hold off till at least November! So not a lot of scope for cricket in any form, so we played indoors. I did batting practice with Ben and Joe trying to teach them how to do front foot drives and it went okay - I even set up the little video camera for some video analysis later on. The only thing is it was Ben who did best and the camera stopped recording before he got started! But he was doing pretty well and hopefully he'll remember it and apply it later in the year?

This evening I went into Grays and for our AGM and again similarly to last year I'm just amazed how small our club is and how reliant it is on a very small core of very committed people. I've tried to get all my mates from work involved and the ones that can play a bit of cricket don't seem to want to commit to doing it every weekend. It seems that one of the biggest issues our club has, is the wicket and the standard of the care the local council take in it's upkeep. It seems the council doesn't have any money to keep the wicket in good order. Whereas my own local council have several really well maintained wickets but no-one to play on them and I know that the head bloke at the parks and gardens is pulling his hair out trying to get them used frequently. Hopefully what with the Ashes this coming summer there may be a resurgence in crickets popularity and some new teams may form?

I spoke to Neil my captain tonight and he said that Ben and Joe are welcome to go along to the colts cricket session. It's 3 quid and it's on Tuesday nights 6pm to 7pm. Which is the same time slot for Ben's Karate lesson and Michelle goes along with Joe sometimes and sits and waits for Ben while he does it. Will she be willing to do the same for cricket? If both of them are doing it - surely she will? I'll wait and see what happen's this Tuesday.