Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cricket on the television

I've got to say I hate SKY TV.

1. Because it is full of advertising.
2. Because it belongs to that scum Murdoch and his politics and control of the media is far too big and influential.
3. Because instead of offering a choice it deny's many people any choice because of simple economics. Because of SKY and it's power the BBC can't ever begin to put together the kind of money required to bid for cricket TV rights against SKY.

Tonight I've come across a couple of websites that claim to cover most of if not all of the key international matches around the world for what appears to be a ridiculously reasonable fee 25 pound for three years worth and that includes the Ashes next summer? It sounds too good to be true - so if you're out there and you use this and it works could you please email me or send a comment with your views as I'm sceptical?

Also looking around I found this which is very interesting -

Hopefully this will mean that we'll see some of the Ashes on real tele without incessant adverts?