Thursday, October 16, 2008

MPA 1st XI one final gasp for air?

A bloke at work over the last few days (Steve Newman) has been hassling me to get some of my students to shoot pictures of his football team for free. We eventually got together and sorted it out and it looks like he's onto a bit of a result. But on meeting him we got to talking about sport and stuff and he asked if I was interested in football. After getting past the 'No' bit which was rather more than a straight no I got round to the interesting part - Cricket and Wrist Spin bowling. It then turns out that he plays a bit of cricket and that on the floor where he works there's more blokes that play cricket!!! So could this be a rising from the flames of the phoenix but in a new guise?

Realistically though the MPA 1st XI can only ever be me and Simon Grainge and perhaps Richard, Badger and Alex? Richard tends to talk a good talk but then never comes up with the goods, but if this bloke Steve has got a bunch of mates downstairs that are up for a game there's potential there? Boffa's MCCC are up for a game at Welstead Gardens and I'm sure Neil could sort a game out with the Grays boys as well and maybe we could play the Sports Science boys again?