Sunday, October 05, 2008

Fitness and other stuff

The predicted rain is here and it's been continuous all day do far and it's 1pm at the moment. So far there's been no opportunity to get out there and throw some balls. I'm contemplating a late night session over the Chav Park later on? In the meantime aware of my decreasing fitness and wasting away of muscles etc I'm beginning to think about some kind of fitness plan and have knocked up a list of exercises. The only thing is with these things I tend to go at them with the approach that I'm still in my late 20's - early 30's whereas the reality is I'm almost 50. The consequence is I hurt myself/pull muscles and I'm now realising when this happens I'm looking at recovery times in excess of 4 months with my calf muscle last year!

Here's some of the exercises I'm looking at doing -

I've got a few of these band things and one of the exercises that I do using a shorter band is the stretching behind that back of the head exercise. Initially it feels easy but then once I get to around 20 of these it starts to get hard. These are good for the rotator cuff I'm led to believe and are essential if you want to keep your shoulder in good order through the season. I usually aim to do about 25 - 30 of these a day minimum. Having not done any for weeks I reckon I'd struggle to get 20 done at the minute.

Being the age I am I find it increasingly difficult to motivate myself to do exercises and stuff especially the more energetic types that come into the cardiovascular catergory - the stuff that's good for your heart and this is the stuff I should be doing because of my family background e.g. all the blokes in my family generally croak between the age of 40 and 65 and not very many of them going beyond the age of 65! Once upon a time if someone suggested that they could run/cycle or swim further or longer than me that used to be like a red rag to a bull and I'd have to prove that they were talking out of their arse and I used to get great joy in proving them very wrong. But these days with a wife and kids I no longer have to prove how much of an Alpah Male I am any more and I'm a lot more content sitting here tapping on a computer and having a bowl every now and then and being the 4th best? wrist spin bowler in my team. But the old heart attack scenario is there in the background possibly allayed to some extent by the fact that I eat well, don't smoke or drink very much and an ideal weight for my age. But I would like to get some cardio vascular stuff going this winter if only Power walking? With that as an idea I'm going to check out the benefits on-line from a couple of people that know about this stuff on website forums and see what they say?

Earlier on I went over the skatepark (Floodlit, flat and desolate) to have a bit of a bowl. Check out my other blog at

On one of the forums I comment on a lot a bloke led me to this geezer who's currently playing for India against the Aussies and he's doing quite well bowling googly's -