Wednesday, March 26, 2008

26th March

The awful weather continues, the thing is realistically this normal weather so why I'm expecting it to be dry and warm I don't know? Global warming I suppose and last years weather? So after a weekend of rain I was kind of hoping that this weekend might have been sunny and dry but seemingly not looks like tomorrow (Thursday) and Friday will be okay and then on Saturday and Sunday it's just going to be a repeat of last weekend - wind and rain.

Still haven't shaken this cold off which isn't good as it means I'm kind of resting my body and not doing any exercises. I almost felt inclined to go for a run tonight but then thought it'd make my cold worse. So it looks like another cricketless weekend coming up.

School holidays and the leaflet from the local council drops onto the doormat and I was expecting that there might have been some more cricket coaching for my boys to get involved in. But nothing - Kick Boxing, Butt Kicking, House burgling, Grafitti spraying and Hip Hop dancing sessions aplenty - but no cricket! I was gutted as that last session was excellent, but it's obvious that the low turn out probably meant they felt they couldn't book it again? Shame.