Friday, March 07, 2008

Exercise log update

Exercises and stuff - still being lazy.

The season fast approaches and unfortunately for me my teams net practice happens on a night when I have to work late, so as far as getting some coaching from the other Leg Spinners in my team I'm restricted to the possibility of a few sessions in the school holidays. So with regards to my action and any advice as to how I might go forward I'm restricted to video-ing myself and uploading the results to Youtube and you blokes comment and I hope to do more of that as the weather gets better.
Back home though I'm still finding it difficult to motivate myself especially with regards to running/sprinting, I kind of regard myself as an asset in my team because despite my age I'm quite fast and agile and enjoy fielding and chasing down balls so I need to focus on this aspect of my game fairly soon.
The only things I seem to be doing is stretching those big elastic bands behind my head, press-ups where you walk from side to side and the plank. Again not lots of it - every other day.
Eating is pretty much the same loads of fruit and veg and usual English quisine in the evenings. Looking to substitute my breakfast mixture of cheerios, bran flakes and Rice Krispies for something with oats in with sultana's and dried apricots. Still can't give up chocolate, although I may have slightly reduced the amount I eat recently, but that's been driven by economics rather than a desire to reduce my intake.