Saturday, March 08, 2008

Bit of a practice

Had an hour today under leaden skies and threatening rain. Went okay despite the blustery wind, tried a few things out but I'm kind of settling with the idea that I'm going to concentrate on the my three main variations Top Spinner, Wrong Un and Flipper and see how I get on with them through the year. The Leg break it just looks as though it's a lost cause unless I get someone to have a look at it and give me one to one coaching. I'll try every now and then, but I'm not hopeful.

I also measured out the boundary and put down some markers in the North East quadrant. So if we go over there tomorrow I'll do another quadrant and that'll be half of the pitch marked out already. I've still not seen anything more of the other blokes which is a shame, but I'm sure it'll happen eventually. I noticed today amongst the trees there's an electrical box of some sort, which is ideal for putting a poster on. So if it pans out that they start playing and I keep missing them I could possibly post a notice on this box?

Did some exercises today - the band stretching behind the head things - 20 of those, five of those weird round the head with the bendy bar things. Press ups walking side to side on the hands and the plank with legs stretched out alternatley. I'll do some again tonight.

The weather has held out okay, it didn't rain as expected in the manner they'd alluded to e.g. absolutely pouring down. It rained for a short while lightly but then it stopped and the remainder of the day has been dry. It's supposed to rain badly tonight and I'm waiting to see the news and weather.

Saw Rod the Aussie and Thomas tonight at Thomas's kids party and he's up for knock about and he might bring his son who plays a bit and is 13, so if it doesn't rain that'll be something to look forward to.