Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bit of a practice #2

With the threat of rain all Sunday waking up to no rain and a bit of sunshine and relative warmth today meant one thing. At some point I was going to have to throw some balls on my own even if only for 3/4 of hour. So after lunch wearing not much more than a t-shirt I set off for 5 tree field.

Probably threw 100 - 125 balls and it went okay. Again I had that realisation that I don't really throw loads of wides anymore which was nice. I threw combinations of Flippers, Wrong Uns and Top spinners and spent a short period trying to bowl Leg Breaks. The main three went well especially the wrong uns and I noticed that even my top spinners tend to drift off to off when I bowl them, but the Wrong Uns themselves were good - slow and fast they were turning nicely. This made me reflect on the question if one my strongest and potentially best ball spins to off does that make me an off spinner rather than a leg spinner? I bowl mostly Flippers mixed in with Wrong Uns and Top spinners and the flipper as I've said many times here spins to leg like a Leg Break - but not as consistently as the Wrong Un. I was thinking about this and thought maybe I'm just a spin bowler not necessarily a Leggie or an Offy just some weird hybrid? That made me think - Let's have another go at the leg break and I tried throwing a few, but they were all over the shop - too long, too loopy and slow and none of them turning.

I find that if I try and bowl Leg break balls over short distances I can get it to turn, but I seem to be able to do this with a really short walk in that ends up with an abrupt stop rather than a follow through. If I then add the follow through I don't get the spin. There seems to be something about me that's not that bothered or defeatist when it comes to the Leg Break, but another part of me wants to be able to do it hence the reason I keep returning to it half heartedly and trying it. A part of me believes that if I was to put the hours in it might come good. I reckon that if I was to get some one to one from someone I might get it, but in the short term it evades me and I'm obviously not that bothered. So surely that means I'm not Leg Spin bowler and if I keep posting in the forum I do eslewhere I'm in the wrong thread!!!!