Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pitch Inspection

Spent the day in London at the Tate Modern with the kids watching a dry warm day go by with little prospect of cricket. Then was delayed by cancelled trains on the way home, but last thing after dinner Ben, Joe and me went over to the five tree field for a pitch inspection and to mark out the wicket ready for mowing.

What with all the rain the outfield was very soggy, but we measure out the wicket and put down markers for when the mowing commences. Had a look at how flat it is and the prospects of whether this new roller would make any diference to the flatness of the wicket. Considering how soggy the ground is, I reckon that if we were to roll it a couple of times it would make a dramatic difference and therefore it's probably worth doing it. But the weight of the roller is such that it's a problem. I reckon it would be a nightmare getting it in and out of the car. Thomas suggested using a plank - but I reckon even a couple of good scaffold planks if you could get hold of one would possibly still snap or twist or something. But if we could get it there in the next week or so it may be the case that we could leave it there hidden in the bushes and undergrowth till we've rolled it enough times to flatten it out.

We stayed on the field and we all had a bit of a knock about. Ben didn't look at all interested which is a shame, but later on in the year I reckon he'll get into it more.

Weather is patchy showers and sunshine tomorrow. Lets hope we miss the showers and have sunshine all day and the fields start to dry out. I reckon I may go and have a look at Great Berry Open Space as well tomorrow, so what that's like.