Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The weather looks bad

Rain today and the prospect of snow over the weekend. Not looking good. Positives though are the flare up of Athletes foot is in reverse now and looks like it's clearing up nicely. I didn't opt for the voodoo remedy in the end and initially went for the powder which didn't really seem to be doing much. After a few days I opted for the Canesten Cream which seems to have worked a treat.

I've been in contact with Boffa one of the Tilbs and he's up for a game and he's working on getting "The Boys" together for a match in the summer. That might be interesting?

Neil my captian at Grays & Chadwell CC emailed me tonight and said he's been following the blog, which is kind of weird for me because he's a proper cricket player and Leg Spin bowler and it just seems really strange to think that there's something in the content here that's of use to him - God knows what? But - cheers Neil for having a look and offering encouragement. He asked whether I was improving? I must have - surely all the effort I've been putting in and the decision to limit the variations to just 3 and concentrate on them must have had some impact. I spend a lot of time on the cricket forums elsewhere and ask a lot of questions on there and make suggestions and I'm sure I've picked up tips there? I'm certain my line and length has got better and just my understanding that just varying pace, length and flight can have the desired affect all must mean that there's got to be some kind of improvement?

But as I have said every now and then - that's all fine as long as when I step up to the crease I don't get freaked out by the occasion. I also think that there may be a marginal improvement with my batting in that I think I can appreciate the importance of moving your feet and keeping a straight bat. All these things are so basic - but they're all new knowledge to me as I'm a virtual beginner and unless I'm told about them I'm totally unaware. The straight bat thing - that for instance is so obvious and I've only learned it through the link from a couple of days ago with the video with Bob Woolmer!

Enough of all that - let's pray to the Gods that the sun comes out and we have some proper weather this weekend or that there's a massive improvement for the school holidays and I can get out there and have some practice?