Friday, March 21, 2008

Freaky Friday

Here in the UK we're looking at the prospects of a snowy weekend or at least cold sleety rain. Fortunately the weather cleared this morning and was windy so it dried out a bit and I managed to squeeze in an hour with my mate Thomas before it did pour down with hailstones. Nothing to write home about other than it was one of those practice sessions where nothing went right and nothing felt right. I'm not going to dwell on it because I reckon you can just have really bad days and this was one of them.

In the evening I went to a "Gig" where one of the blokes that played with us last year "Boffa" was playing with his band. Partly to catch up with people I used to hang about with back in the period 1978-1987 and partly to see some of the blokes form my past that are up for a game of cricket if I can get the "Five Tree Field" blokes shaped up into a team and it was all a bit strange. I bumped into my cousin who I haven't seen since 1988 and found out his Dad is still alive and he said that they'd been talking about me recently. So I might go and see them, I haven't seen this uncle since possibly 25-30 years! I bumped into a few people I hadn't seen for in excess of 20 years and it was all a bit freaky. But speaking to some of them they seem up for a game and in a way I'd feel far more at home seeing all these people in that situation rather than at a gig where you're having to shout at people standing 2' in front of your face. So maybe a game might be on the cards.