Friday, March 28, 2008

Holiday and video camera

At last a bit of a break! I've got the next four days off, so Tuesday night I'm hoping to go to Nets with Grays and Chadwell and fingers crossed have a few days where I can get out on the grass as well? I've just looked at the weather charts and tomorrow doesn't look too bad - it even be the case that it doesn't rain. Today was supposed to have been really rainy and that didn't seem to happen either - so things are looking good? It's windy at the moment and that'll dry the ground out as well.

Found this today - Vivitar DVR 7300x you can get it for around £100 it seems & one's just gone for just over £50 on ebay.

These are dead useful for video filming when you're practicing because they're the type that save to a CF card or similar and readily download to your computer and are then easily put on youtube.