Wednesday, June 18, 2008

18th June

Just watched the news, they reckon a 40% increase in utility bills over the next 6 months. That is not good! That is going to impact on our living massively coupled with the increases in food, diesel and utility bills recently.

Anyway in the short term a bit of practice and the possibility of a match this Friday at the college. Our college's sports dept are going to play SEEVIC's sports dept at Welstead Gardens in a 20/20 match and I may get the call up to play?

Bowled 50 or so balls tonight, did okay using the alternating Gipper and Wrong Un thing. It went okay, I was trying to bowl into the tyre and get the ball flighting above the eye-line with the Wrong uns, didn't do too bad. The Gipper is still very inconsistent, sometimes it turns other times it just skids in low like a normall Flipper. Initially I threw a few wide balls, but then got into the swing of things and was getting it to just miss off stump with the straight ones. It's a lot different to the Wrong Uns so I'll keep practicing with it.