Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Peter Philpott

It wasn't a normal work day today. It's the end of year show when all our graduating students produce their best work and show it at the "Freerange student shows" so I was there helping them get their work up and didn't get back home till 10pm.

The bummer was that Neil our captain had read the blog and this morning sent me a text saying "Come over the field (At G&CCC) and I'll bowl some balls back and forth with you and we'll look at what your doing" so a brilliant offer of help and I wasn't able to take it up - damn!

So on the train there and back I read Peter Philpotts book again going through the 8 stages of Wrist spin and again it sounds like it makes perfect sense and that I should stop bowling off spin and again concentrate on Leg Breaks?

Once I got to the venue for the exhibition though we had to wait for the display boards for over an hour. So I got out my trusty windball and bowled offspin using a student standing in front of some pipes as the batsman and bowled the ball around his legs several times with offspin.