Sunday, June 01, 2008

Now there's a thing....

325 views - not bad?

It didn't rain, coolish and cloudy all day with a bit of a breeze and in the late afternoon I drove over to my new regular venue - the all weather strip at Gloucester Park see images below.

Again a fairly dramatic improvement in my bowling, but nothing like the results that I was getting last weekend practicing at other venues. Which then got me thinking. One of the reasons I've started coming to this strip is because it's like real cricket wickets in that I find it really difficult to get the ball to turn off the surface. I can and today I was bowling alternating off spin and leg spin and it was working out okay. But - I then thought to myself what if I was to go to one of the rough old grass wickets that I practice on and see how that works out? Will it spin more? So after my dinner tonight I went over to "Local wicket" and threw a few balls over there 100 + and yes they spun like mad and bounced like mad making my bowling look like Shane Warne! So that's the answer - I can bowl on backyard style wickets and get the ball to turn the proverbial country mile - but put me on a flat track and my bowling becomes a lot less impressive.

So that now calls for a re-think. I need to be more tactical or learn how to get the ball to turn more on better wickets? It's a challange, but what I'll do is continue to practice on the surface here and just see if I can get the ball to turn big on this with the hope that when I then play on the real stuff I'll get a similar result.

My big leg break still isn't big but it does turn - it's more of a small leg break, but my off-spin options are all looking pretty good - The wrong un and the doosra both spin and turn well, so I've got them as an option, so all is not lost, I just need to persevere.

Oh yeah here's how rainy and wet it's been -